Writer Wednesdays: Tell Us About Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day.gray borderHey, ya’ll–I’m blogging! No it’s not the apocalypse, it’s April. It’s raining weddings this time of year, and because I love weddings, this week’s Writer Wednesday is about that very thing. What’s Writer Wednesdays? It’s a year-long blog hop I’m doing with some good friends and wonderful authors. **

Without further ado: I’m a gonna tell you a tale about my wedding day. My then-fiance and I were adamant that we didn’t want a lot of hoopla over our wedding. So much so, that we decided to pseudo-elope! We didn’t tell anyone, picked a day and hired a preacher to meet us at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. We were feeling pretty smug about our secret wedding and it was a dream come true to marry the love of my life in such beautiful surroundings. The simple ceremony was about expressing our vows to love and cherish each other, not about whether the DJ played the right song at the reception.

We had a disposable camera for pictures (this was before the advent of smart phones, ya’ll–give me a break) and all was good…until we asked the preacher to take some photographs for us. This is where it comes in handy to know that the preacher was an amputee. That’s right–he was missing his left arm, which is fine for signing a marriage licence, but operating a camera? Not so much. Have you ever tried to take a picture with one hand? It’s hard. Apparently. Because all of our wedding photos are of the preacher’s pinky finger.

That’s okay. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was fifteen years ago. It so happens that April is my anniversary month, by the way, and yes, I did get married when I was twelve, why do you ask?

Tells us a highlight of YOUR wedding day or a wedding you’ve attended in the comments.

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**Writer Wednesday Participants

Tamra Baumann – Jamie Wesley – Kat Cantrell – Priscilla Kissinger   Lauren ChristopherKay Hudson – Pamela Kopfler  Carol Post – Sharon Wray  Natalie Meg Evans – Jean Willett  KD Fleming – Kristen EthridgeKathleen Bittner-Roth – Wendy LaCapra

Writer Wednesday ListWriter Wednesdays is a year-long blog hop, so come back for more show and tell!

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From Fake To ForeverFrom Ex To Eternity

8 thoughts on “Writer Wednesdays: Tell Us About Your Wedding Day

  1. I laughed so hard, Kat. Then felt bad for laughing. Hopefully you all had a sense of humor about it and still got some great pictures. Too bad you didn’t have selfie sticks and iPhones back then!

  2. Kat, that’s probably not a thought I ever would have entertained when seeking out a priest for a wedding! WOW!

    I’d say, the best pictures are in your mind. There, every hair is in place, your makeup is Hollywood ready and you both look fabulous. More importantly, you remember what the moment truly meant: both of you ready to commit to each other forever!

  3. I’m sorry, but I can’t quit snickering about the pinky photos. I hope you have one framed and hanging in a prominent location. It’s quite the conversation piece. It’s truly a memory for a life time.

  4. Oh Kat, that’s funny. We wanted to elope to avoid the stress but figured our mothers would have strung us up.
    Happy Anniversary for April and Happy Book Launch for your 2 awesome books releasing this month. (And you know I’m using the Kindle link and my one-click abilities to snag both of them.) 😉

  5. Excellent story! See? You were destined to write heartfelt, fun romances because your own romance had such an auspicious start! 😉 Love your writing, and can’t wait to read these next ones!

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