Writer Wednesdays–Show Us What’s On Your Desk

Welcome back to Writer Wednesday! What’s Writer Wednesdays? It’s a year-long blog hop I’BlogCarnMay6-01-jpegm doing with some good friends and wonderful authors. **

Today’s post is: Show us your favorite item on your desk.

I have a confession. I don’t have anything on my desk except a laptop. I know, it’s like an author tradition to have a bunch of cool writer stuff but everything I own is put away. You might say I’m a bit of a neat freak. So instead of what’s ON my desk, I’ll show you what’s NEAR my desk and that’s books.


I’ll pause while you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock.

And now I’m back. Show (or tell us) what’s on your desk!

My friend KD Fleming has a new release out this month–don’t miss this!HerHometownReporter

Toby Hendricks Has The Inside Scoop on Gina Lawson 

The reporter is looking for a story that’ll be his ticket out of his small Georgia town.  With her political connections, legal assistant Gina Lawson could help Toby realize his aspirations. Their friendship is just an added bonus, but falling in love isn’t part of his five-year plan.

Gina’s devoted to her family and community, and doesn’t plan to ever leave. Though she finds her favorite reporter maddeningly irresistible, she must guard her heart. But when a betrayal of trust threatens to shatter both their dreams, will Gina and Toby learn that they share the same values after all?

Excerpt on KD’s website: http://kdfleming.com/my-books/

Want to see more pictures of romance writer’s workspaces? Clickity click below!

**Writer Wednesday Participants

Tamra Baumann – Jamie Wesley – Kat Cantrell – Priscilla Kissinger   Lauren ChristopherKay Hudson – Pamela Kopfler  Carol Post – Sharon Wray  Natalie Meg Evans – Jean Willett  KD Fleming – Kristen EthridgeKathleen Bittner-Roth – Wendy LaCapra

12 thoughts on “Writer Wednesdays–Show Us What’s On Your Desk

  1. Kat, I thought I was the only deskless one. But ours is so opposite because I’m not a neat-freak, which means Nothing is put away. (And that picture won’t ever be posted.)

    Thanks for the shout out about Gina and Toby and for helping me believe using a laptop as my desk is the writerly thing to do. 😜

  2. I have a white desk with an iMac near a window but I keep very few things on my desk as well. Clutter stresses me so I have to keep everything as clean and neat as possible. But I recognize most of those books in that photo–I have the same ones on a shelf not too far from my desk! 🙂

  3. Oooh, Kat, I wish I could be clutter-free. I feel like my desk is more, selectively clutter-free. Patches of clutter with patches of space. But, my clutter is full of things that make me feel good, so that’s a silver lining. 🙂

  4. You have excellent taste in books! And nice you can just reach out and grab one whenever you want I recently had to curtail how many writing books I had on my desk. It was so hard to choose which ones to keep close by. 🙂

  5. I had to move the books, but they didn’t go far. That is, there’s a small bookshelf near my desk, and the rest of the house is pretty much held up by wall to wall bookshelves. And I still run out of space.

  6. Oh, Kat, how I wish I could be as organized as you. Clutter is my middle name. And I have craft the books. I just haven’t read most of them yet. I’m soo bad.

  7. I sense another blog to discuss craft books. I love reading and studying craft. I hope something sinks in. Kat, you’ll have to share your titles. I have a row on my shelf and usually a couple on my desk 🙂 I do know that a clutter-free desk makes for a clutter-free mind when I’m writing. I can’t say that my other desk is neat..it’s not 🙂 But, I know where almost everything is though.

  8. I admire a clutter-free desk! (I personally don’t HAVE one, but I admire others’!) LOL. And I love your craft books — I think I recognize a few titles there! Yes, we’ll all have to talk about our favorite craft books sometime. Is that Julia Cameron’s book I see?

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