Writer Wednesday–Tell Us About Your Summer Vacations

Welcome back! Wow, has it been a month already since last time we posted? My calendar says it has, which means -BlogCarnJune10-01we’re well into June. How’s the weather treating you where you’re at? It’s HOT in Texas. Just like always.

Which brings me to the topic of today’s post: Tell us about your summer vacations as a kid.

We always went to my grandma’s house in Florida. I loved visiting there because my grandma watched Young and the Restless and let me eat Cocoa Puffs for breakfast. She had porch lizards in her sun room and lived on a canal. A spoonbill named Charlie stayed in her yard and I couldn’t wait until I was taller than he was, which finally happened when I was seven. The year I turned eight was when my grandpa made me start baiting my own hook when we fished off the dock in the back yard, and let me tell you–it wasn’t until much later that I realized making myself stick my hand a five gallon bucket of live shrimp was good preparation for being a mom. More on that in another post.

My grandpa always gave me money when my mom wasn’t looking and took me to the mall, where I bought treasures like key chains and bracelets. Near the mall was a farmer’s market called the Red Barn and that’s where we got corn. Dinner always took place at the smaller table out on the lanai because the fancy table was for company. I could never go in the formal dining room without the drapes catching my eye because that was where–as my mom whispered to me once–my grandma had sewn her diamond engagement ring into the hem so thieves wouldn’t find it.

I didn’t have cable TV growing up so my grandma’s house was where I saw my first Billy Idol video. I didn’t understand (then or now) why in the world he had eyes without a face or, for that matter, why Bryan Adams wanted to run to me. The year I was going into sixth grade, my parents let me fly to Florida by myself and the seats had the radio in the arm rest. I got headsets and listened to Duran Duran’s Rio and The Tubes’ She’s a Beauty four hundred and eighty seven times. That started my thirty five year love affair with new wave, which is still going strong, thank you kindly. The beach is still my favorite place in the entire world to go. I still have shells from the beach near my grandparents’ house that I picked up when I was younger than my son is now.

As everything does, things eventually changed. My grandma died when I was in my twenties but my grandpa held on. Visiting him in his condo was…hard. Grandma’s ring is in my jewelry box now, still not being worn. I get my corn from Kroger and anytime someone slips me money on the sly, it’s my husband because I forgot the tooth fairy was supposed to visit my kid that night. But every once in awhile, when no one’s around, I watch old episodes of Young and the Restless and eat Cocoa Puffs. Just because.

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8 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday–Tell Us About Your Summer Vacations

  1. Kat, I remember watching The Young and the Restless with my Nana during the summer as well. I am so glad you have those summer memories and her “drapery” ring and those shells. They are precious gifts from your grandparents to you. And I’m sure they will one day show up in one of your s stories. 🙂

  2. Great post, Kat. It stirred up lots of feelings of nostalgia. Grandparents let us get away with a lot of things that our parents never did. Now that I’m a grandparent, I understand!

  3. Aw, Kat, your memories with your grandparents are precious! I really enjoyed reading about your summers with them and how something from back then still happens today (buying corn, your grandmother’s ring, someone slipping you money). The thing is, it’s great that once in a while when you do one of those things or you open your jewelry box and see your grandmother’s ring, it brings back a sweet thought of easier times with wonderful people who helped shape us.

    I totally get eating Cocoa Puffs, just because. It’s why I’ll fry up some tostones (green plantains) even though I know fried food is bad for me. Because doing so evokes the sweet warmth of nostalgia and I can pretend my abuela/Gueli is cooking for me again and listening to a baseball game on the radio.

    Hey, the beach is still here in Florida. Let me know if you’re heading this way! 🙂

  4. What lovely memories, Kat. How lucky to have such special grandparents. I can’t quite imagine a spoonbill taller than a child and you’re going to have to translate lanai for me, hon. I too loved Duran Duran. Somewhere, I’ve still got their vinyl LP with Hungry like the Wolf on it. Not so sure about Billy Idol . . .

  5. Awww, what nice memories you have Kat. My grandparents lived on farms in Iowa so my summers weren’t as tropical as yours. I’m glad no one forgot the ring in the curtains. Maybe your son will give it to the one he loves some day. :0)

  6. What lovely summers, Kat. The seashells remind me of visiting an aunt and uncle who spent their winter vacations on Sanibel Island, back when you had to take a ferry to get there. We lived near Miami, then, so Sanibel was pretty exotic for us.

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